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Novo Nordisk China Hemophilia Research Fund holds the 2014 board meeting in Shanghai




  在中国工程院院士、上海血液学研究所陈赛娟所长和丹麦诺和诺德公司Per Falk资深副总裁的共同主持下,“诺和诺德中国血友病研究基金”2014年度理事会于225日上午在上海举行。参加会议的中方理事还有北京协和医院血液科主任赵永强教授、天津血液学研究所杨仁池教授和上海血液学研究所奚晓东教授;诺和诺德公司Søren Bjørn副总裁、Børge Diderichsen副总裁和诺和诺德(中国)有限公司张克洲副总裁;以及独立理事国家新药筛选中心主任王明伟研究员。会议回顾了“诺和诺德中国血友病研究基金”在过去一年里的发展情况,讨论了新一轮的资助课题并明确定今年的工作任务。“诺和诺德中国血友病研究基金”理事会秘书丁秋兰教授和诺和诺德(中国)有限公司蔡浩彦经理出席了会议。


Novo Nordisk China Haemophilia Research Fund holds the 2014 board meeting in Shanghai


Jointly chaired by Prof. Saijuan Chen (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of Shanghai Institute of Haematology) and Dr. Per Falk (Senior Vice President of Novo Nordisk A/S), the 2014 board meeting of Novo Nordisk China Haemophilia Research Fund was held in Shanghai on the morning of February 25, 2014. Other board members who were present included Drs. Yongqiang Zhao (Director of Haematology Department, Peking Union Medical College Hospital), Renchi Yang (Professor of Tianjin Institute of Haematology and Blood Diseases Hospital) and Xiaodong Xi (Professor of Shanghai Institute of Haematology); Drs. Søren Bjørn (Vice President of Novo Nordisk), Børge Diderichsen (Vice President of Novo Nordisk) and Kezhou Zhang (Vice President of Novo Nordisk China Co., Ltd.); as well as Prof. Ming-Wei Wang, independent board member and Director of the National Center for Drug Screening. The participants reviewed the progresses made in the past year, discussed newly funded research projects and agreed upon the tasks to be accomplished in 2014. Prof. Qiulan Ding (Secretary of the board) and Ms. Haoyan Cai (Project Manage of Novo Nordisk China Co., Ltd.) attended the meeting.


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